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Crime Injury

No one deserves to be injured, let alone by a crime. However, if you or a loved one becomes a blameless, injured victim of a crime, we'll make sure that you get the cash payout you need. We understand how traumatised you may be after such an unfortunate experience and that is why we want to make sure that when you log a claim, it is done as swiftly and as easily as possible.


There are limits to logging a claim and they include:

  • You can claim for a maximum of 4 single family members
  • You can claim for a maximum of 4 extended family members
  • Claims are limited to once per 6 month cycle


To claim, simply download and complete the claim form below.

Crime Injury Claim Form

For more information on African Bank’s Crime Injury product, please click the documents below to download.

Crime Injury terms and conditions (Stand Alone Product)
African Bank Embedded Crime Injury Group Insurance Scheme