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Create your own world of banking

MyWORLD is made to share. Create up to 5 unique Pocket accounts to share with friends and family, and enjoy SA’s lowest banking fees**.


Here's more about MyWORLD

The person who opens a MyWORLD account is the Primary Account Holder. Your MyWORLD account comes with:

  • One Power Pocket
  • One Savings Pocket
  • The option to link up to five Pockets to your account

    MyWORLD benefits include:
  • 2 free withdrawals at Cash@Till with retailers
  • Never queue at an ATM with our fixed low cost to draw cash at any ATM
  • Earn Audacious Rewards points for every transaction – you can convert your points to pay your banking fees, or spend them at our Audacious Rewards store

You get 5 free accounts. Your MyWORLD account gives you access to up to 5 free linked accounts, which you can use as either Power or Savings Pockets. 

  • A Power Pocket is perfect for sharing with family or friends. You could give one to your child to teach them about banking, or to a family member who either doesn’t have a bank account or who you send money to on a regular basis.
  • It comes with its own embossed personalised Debit Card and has an interest rate of 1.00%, the same as your Primary MyWORLD Account.
  • The Savings Pocket, which has SA’s best savings rate of 7.00%, is perfect for dream goals, group savings goals, grocery clubs and emergency funds. Whatever Pocket you decide to open, or who you decide to share it with, you retain complete control over how the account operates. It’s YOUR WORLD after all.

Power Pocket

  • A separate account linked to your Primary Account
  • A separate card can be linked a Power Pocket account
  • It has its own unique account number
  • Made to share with friends and family
  • Add a Pocket User to bank using the Power Pocket card
  • Add up to 10 Members to view the account
  • You decide who can use the Power Pocket, and how

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Savings Pocket

  • A separate account with a unique account number
  • Save money at SA’s best interest rate*
  • Enjoy immediate access to your funds
  • No card can be linked to a savings pocket
  • Add up to 10 Members to view the account
  • Perfect for savings groups

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SA's best rate* on any positive balance


1.00% p/a

Power Pocket

1.00% p/a

Savings Pocket

7.00% p/a

All interest rates quoted are nominal annual compounded monthly (NACM) rates.

What is a Pocket User?

The Pocket User is a person added to the Power Pocket by the Primary Account Holder. They can:


Make payments

Use a personalised card to handle their day-to-day transactions

Do transfers

Deposit money

Manage their account online using their own login details

Withdraw cash at any ATM or selected till points

What is a Pocket Member?

A Pocket Member is a person added to a Power Pocket or a Savings Pocket account by the Primary Account Holder. The Pocket Member, however, can’t make any transactions using the Pocket Account. They can only view the Pocket account online via their online banking profile.


MyWorld bank account
Shared Account with Power Pocket
Power Pocket
best savings account in south africa
Savings Pocket
SA’s best rate on any positive balance tickbubble tickbubble tickbubble
Minimum account balance R0.00 R0.00 R0.00
2 Linked Pocket accounts tickbubble tickbubble
Deposit money tickbubble tickbubble tickbubble
Withdraw cash at till at selected retailers tickbubble tickbubble
Withdraw cash at any ATM tickbubble tickbubble
Pay for purchases tickbubble tickbubble
Transfer between accounts instantly tickbubble tickbubble tickbubble
Link VISA debit cards tickbubble tickbubble
Add up to 5 pocket accounts tickbubble tickbubble
Add a pocket user to bank 1 User 1 User
Add pocket members to view Up to 10 Members Up to 10 Members
Instant Issue VISA debit cards tickbubble tickbubble
Allocate banking fees tickbubble tickbubble
Debit orders tickbubble
Instant payments reflect instantly tickbubble tickbubble
Balance enquiry at till or ATM tickbubble tickbubble

MyWORLD Banking fees

  • POS Swipes
  • Inter account transfers
  • Electronic deposits and payments
  • R5 monthly fee
  • Top up on Airtime, Data, and Electricity
  • Low Cash Deposit fee at Pay@


Made to Share

MyWORLD was designed to share. We share DNA. We share parents and family. We share homes, neighborhoods, cities and countries. We share ideas, office space, highways and sunsets.

Open up to 6 accounts - R5 monthly fee.

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Save Time

Keep it Simple - do all your banking online

With 1 online banking profile - linked to Internet Banking, our App or Cellphone Banking and all your

accounts. Use it anywhere, anytime 24/7.

Enjoy simplified banking in a few easy steps - know where you are in the process, at any stage.

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Save Money

Bank with SA's lowest banking fees**.

Save more with SA's best saving rate* of 7.00% on any positive balance in your Savings Pocket.

Enjoy the benefits of additional savings because it is FREE-TO-USE*** online banking.

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Ways to Bank

Seamless, simplified banking in a few easy steps. Anywhere, anytime 24/7 via Internet Banking, our App or Cellphone Banking.

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1 Number to call

0861 123 456

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* Banking fees are based on Solidarity’s methodology of comparing defined baskets of transactions (12, 17, 25 and 30 transactions) across 6 biggest entry level bank accounts. In this way, an average industry price was obtained.