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Get your family involved in budgeting
One of the best ways to start budgeting for a new year is to get everyone in the family involved in the family finances. We give you tips in this blog.

Publish Date: 25/02/2019
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Three tips: How to use your credit card wisely
There are more than 8.8 million credit cards in issue, and more than 38 types of credit cards available in South Africa. South Africans have on average one credit card. So. Question is, are you using your credit card wisely?

Publish Date: 22/02/2019
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Want the best interest rate?
When shopping around for the best interest rate, don’t be fooled by terms such as “market-leading”, “best in SA”, “highest”. Rather do some investigations, find out how interest works and in the end, make sure you’re comparing apples with apples.

Publish Date: 21/02/2019
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Budget 2019 highlights
Finance Minister Mboweni gave South Africans an update on the state of South Africa’s finances in this year’s National Budget Speech.

Publish Date: 20/02/2019
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Short term Investment options for different budgets
Whether your budget is R100 or R5000 per month, make your money works for you with smart investment strategies.

Publish Date: 20/02/2019
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