Side hustles anyone can do

If your monthly income isn’t doing enough to get you where you want to go in life, it might be time to consider a side hustle and an instant loan to fund it! We’ve done our research and we’ve put together a list of business ideas to help get those creative juices flowing and extra cash rolling in. And if you don’t have enough money to get things off the ground, we show you how to get a loan to fund your small business.

  1. Start with a hobby

Do you have a hobby or a skill you enjoy and are really good at? That’s the best starting point. If it’s photography, makeup, hair, painting, singing or playing an instrument — why not put those hobbies and skills to use for some change?

  1. Look after peoples’ pets or houses

Smaller jobs like house- or pet-sitting while people are away may seem like something high school kids usually do to earn pocket money. However, when people go away, they often prefer to leave the care of their house and furry kids in the hands of someone they know. Consider offering your services to friends, family and colleagues, as they will be more inclined to use you instead of some random person they’ve never met. If you do a good job, ask for a recommendation or referral. Start your business from there 

  1. Sign up as an Uber driver

Uber has become an increasingly popular platform around the globe. If you’ve got wheels and some time to spare, why not sign up to become an Uber driver? The beauty of this is if you have your own car, you can pick and choose when to drive passengers. Let’s say you work normal business hours in your day job, you could earn some extra money driving passengers around at night. 

Don’t have your own car, but still want to drive? Consider becoming an Uber driver-partner. Basically, you sign up as an Uber driver but you drive someone else’s car.

  1. Become a translator

If you’re skilled in multiple-languages and can help people communicate more effectively, then why not use your skill to add some bulk to your back pocket? Put out the word in your local community, post it to your community Facebook Page or get a little more serious by posting your project on portals like Translators Base.

  1. Freelance

Another great extra income opportunity is to freelance. This is especially great if you have graphic design skills, social media skills, data capturing skills or something you could do at home on the computer.  Loads of South Africans are already listing their services on Freelancer, some of whom are using the platform as a side-line business and others as their full time income stream.  

  1. Make money with food!

So you consider yourself pretty good at whipping up meals in minutes? You could set up a food truck or consider going into partnership — where your partner could cover the facilities you need and you bring the time and the skill.  Another great idea to earn extra cash is to bake on the side. Sell your delicious baked goods to colleagues. Remember, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so use your talent to fill up your piggy bank.

If you have a good credit score, it might make sense to take out a personal loan to get this business off the ground. Personal loans are a great way to finance small projects like this. African Bank’s Personal Loans can be up to R250 000, with flexible repayment terms of seven to 72 months and fixed monthly payments that make it easy to plan ahead.

If you’re looking for more on the best loans, read this blog on the different loans to help you get ahead.

  1. Help people move

If you’d like to flex some muscle, helping people to move house or move their stuff could be a way to earn extra income. Print out business cards with your number and ask Storage Facility businesses if they could keep them at their reception desk. That way, when people require an extra hand, you’ll easily be within their reach.

  1. Make money answering surveys

Got some extra time on your hands? Stop wasting it away on social media platforms, mindlessly scrolling through posts and put your free time into moolah-earning mode! Triaba offers you the chance make quick money by responding to paid online surveys – it’s a great way to earn extra money on a computer in South Africa. Register a profile and get started.

    9. Manual work

if you are naturally handy around the house and you know your way around basic manual work, you could position yourself as the ‘neighbourhood help’. Whether you’re good at paint jobs, repairing pipes, basic electrical work, or gardening, you could use your spare time to offer a helping hand to those in your community — for a nice fee!

  1. Personal training

If you’re all about staying fit, why not become a personal trainer? This requires no start-up costs. It ensures that you can continue working out, while making some money from helping those who need a bit of motivation from people like you. You can start by working out with clients in public spaces like parks.

You don’t have to rely solely on the income earned from your job alone. There are means and ways of getting more money flowing through your bank account. Take a look at some of the best personal loan interest rates.  Whatever loan you opt for, it’s important to know your rights when applying. Click here to read our blog post which explains the process from the loan application, right through to termination of the loan agreement.

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