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Creative ways to enjoy your festive season – on a budget 

The festive season is a very expensive time of the year. Between all the cooking, the travelling, the hosting and the gift-giving, your budget can really be stretched thin. So how do you enjoy your holidays without getting yourself into debt? How can you create memorable and meaningful experiences for yourself and your family without spending too much? If you’ve found yourself feeling like this year’s festive season won’t be as awesome because of your tight budget, we have some good news! Follow us as we unpack a few meaningful ways in which you can make this festive season memorable, without breaking the bank. 

  1. Host a bring-and-share

    Are you hosting friends or family members at your house for the festive season? We know that this alone can get very expensive. So, how about everyone contributes towards the cost of festivities? Thanks to African Bank MyWORLD Savings Pockets, it’s easier than ever to save for that.

    Savings Pockets offers friends and family the ability to collaborate and share the cost of any goal or event. You have access to the account online through internet banking — all while enjoying SA’s best interest rate of 6.5% on any positive balance (rates correct at time of publication). Another benefit? There’s an African Bank App downloadable for up to 10 people to track your progress. And, when saving, it’s always nice to get extra money from the bank to help with your goals, in the form of interest! 
  1. Plan experiences instead

    Are the presents you give to your kids, friends or family, meaningful and memorable? For many, this is a tough task, especially on a tight budget. Think about giving this year’s festive season a bit of a twist - give the gift of experiences instead. At the end of the day, the holiday season is more than just gift-giving, it’s about the people you are sharing time with and the memories you are making together.

    Board games and other classic group (indoor or outdoor) activities can be a fantastic way to create fun moments with your loved ones. The memories you can create through games, jokes, fun activities will last for a long time.


  1. Create your own traditions

    Travelling to celebrate with family and friends makes the holidays really fun. The cost, however, can be a real party pooper. Maybe it’s time to consider creating your own tradition – stay at home this year. And while you’re home, you can discover the town you’re living in, visit different festive events and celebrate the festive season in your own magical way. Get the family to brainstorm ideas of how this year’s festive season can be made memorable, and cost effective. 
  1. Teach children the joy of giving

    Give your children a greater appreciation for what they receive by encouraging to give. Assign family member or friend to each child, then help your kid to make or buy a gift for them.

    This way, your children will get to know a deeper and longer-lasting joy, that of giving and sharing, which often wins over the joy of getting. The younger they are when you introduce this tradition, the more meaningful this tradition will become over the years. 
  1. Try out new recipes as a family

    Try to involve everyone with the food preparations. Even toddlers can help wash vegetables or mixing cookie dough. Having everyone work as a team will ensure a memorable time. In the end, everyone will appreciate the labour of love taking pride of place on the table and might even linger around for a bit more, talking to each other, reminiscing and growing closer together. 

You can enjoy a meaningful festive season while breaking your budget! Keep track of your Christmas budget on the go with our African Bank online banking App.

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