Does online banking make your life easier?

A lot has been said about how online banking or digital banking makes banking easier. Today, it seems that we do almost everything online…shopping, catching up with family, working, and even education. So, banking shouldn't be any different, should it? But, does online banking improve the way you bank? Well, we believe that it does. From paying your credit card bill to sending money to your kids, or even getting your tax certificate, managing your bank account on your app means you can take care of your most urgent banking needs quickly, without a time-consuming visit to your nearest branch.

Let's take a look at just a few ways in which your banking app makes managing your account easier.

It's easy to pay your bills

You have full access to your bank account on your app. You can view your accounts, balances, and even pay your bills. This is useful when it's time to pay your credit card bill, for example. It's a quick and easy process that involves simply logging on to your app and navigating to a credit card, then following the screen prompts to make your payment. If you tend to forget the payment closing date, then you can set a reminder on your phone's calendar and keep your payments up to date.

It's easy to share money with your family

Do you support your family financially? Many people share money with their families via their MyWORLD bank account. It's an affordable way to make sure your parents or grandparents, for example, are looked after when it comes to money. You could always transfer money between Pockets through your online banking profile on your laptop or computer, but making the transfer on your African Bank App is so much easier, especially after gogo WhatsApps for her monthly allowance!

It's easy to budget

It’s easy to lose track of our budget, mostly because we don't make it a priority to check our budget and track our spending regularly. Well, prioritizing your budget is so much easier on your app because you'll be able to view your balances and transactions at any time. On the African Bank App, you can also set up Pockets to keep the money for long-term goals separate from your day-to-day account. In this way, you won’t be tempted to spend it.

Are you convinced?

Time is important. With today's technology, banking should be safe, simple, and easy. If you've never banked online before, why not give it a go?

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