Banking for the first time? Manage your bank account on your App

The world of banking can seem intimidating, especially if you've just opened your first bank account. To make it easy, focus on staying financially disciplined, mastering credit cards, and saving.

Your banking app can help you get to grips with managing a bank account for the first time. Not only does your app save you from having to physically visit the bank, but it's also a handy tool that lets you manage and track your daily, weekly, or monthly budget to ensure you stay on top of your financial goals. What's great is that you can do all of that digitally, on your phone, or on any other mobile device of your choice. 

Keep reading to find out exactly how you can use your African Bank App to give you the confidence to manage your bank account.

Stay financially disciplined

You'll find that staying financially disciplined will become more important as you get older. While it takes some practice, it's a valuable skill. Your banking app is a good tool to help you track your spending and savings. For example, by regularly downloading and reading your transaction lists on your App, you can see exactly where you spent money. You'll also be able to view your account balances so you know exactly where you stand. 

Manage your credit card

If you've applied for a Credit Card to help with cash flow and build your credit profile, then you'll be pleased to know that you can manage your card on the App. Now, things like getting your Credit Card statement, managing your card limits, and paying your Credit Card are easy because you can do it on your App!

Reach your savings goals

Have you heard the term "pay yourself first"? It means prioritizing saving money before spending it on necessities and luxuries. It's really easy to do this digitally, as you can transfer funds from your checking account directly to your savings account on your phone. So there's no excuse for not saving! For example, on the African Bank App, you can automate deposits into your MyWORLD Savings Pocket. You can also monitor additional savings. For example, did you save some money at the grocery store due to discounts? Why no deposit that extra cash into your Savings Pocket. 

Manage your bank account on your app

Having your own money involves quite a bit of admin. Things like getting your statements, checking your balances, paying your Credit Card, and requesting your tax certificate used to take a lot of time and, right now, time is important to you. Being able to do these things on your App makes life so much easier, not just because you don’t have to ask a consultant at a branch, but because it’s so quick.

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