Gifting ideas for kids — open a bank account

Can you believe it’s almost festive season again? A time for gifting and sharing memorable experiences as friends and families. Whether your children are toy lovers, aspiring race car drivers or budding fashionistas, a MyWORLD bank account can put them on the right track towards realising their dreams. Add our selection of home-made gifts into the mix and you could be in for an extra-special festive season.

The gift that keeps on giving

Open a bank account for them: Many gifts have limited usefulness — toys break and gadgets are quickly replaced by newer models, if they aren’t gathering dust at the back of some closet. So, how about you open a savings account online instead and give the gift that keeps on giving?

  • While big, extravagant gifts have the WOW factor, smaller, more thoughtful, gifts can also send a clear message of love and appreciation. Consider opening a MyWORLD online bank account for your kids. MyWORLD gives you the unique ability create up to 5 unique Pocket accounts to share with your kids and your family at large, while you enjoy SA’s lowest banking fees**. Your kids could make their own monthly deposits and perhaps you can also contribute on special days, like birthdays.
  • (Read about lessons your kids can learn from banking).

  • The good news is that MyWORLD offers great features like internet banking, which can help both you and your kids keep track of the money you’re both saving and spending.

Awesome gifts you can make at home

  • Homemade slime kit: If you have a young child in your life, you will understand the fascination with slime. Create a slime-making kit for ages 8 and up – we’ve been told with authority by the little people in our lives that the best slime mixtures contain contact lens solution. You will find a handy recipe here. Simply collect all the ingredients, print out the instructions and prepare a speech for your Parent of the Year award.
  • Create bathing crayons: Do you struggle daily to get your kids to bath? You can kill two birds with one stone with this idea – gift them with bathing crayons that will turn bath time into playtime and save you some money too… winning! If you have kids that love to play in the bathtub, learn how to make bath crayons with this simple
  • Customise mugs or jars: If you’re feeling arty, you can customise mugs using paint. Draw a picture, write out an inspiring quote, lyrics from a favourite song, or simply your “lessons from mom/dad” quotes on the mug. Alternatively, you can fill the mug with sweet treats – candy, chocolates, biscuits – all the sweet things kids are sure to enjoy.

Your gift-giving budget might be a little tighter than usual this year, but this fun collection of easy-to-make gifts will not only save you money, they will put some smiles on the faces of those most special to you.

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