Have you tried online banking?

Online banking, or digital banking as some people call it, became very popular since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Doing things on an app – from shopping to ordering food and even groceries – is slowly becoming the norm. Banking has always been easy on the web or a mobile app, but what recent times have shown us is that it’s more than a convenient option, it is now a necessity. If you're someone who was reluctant to bank online before, we want to encourage you to give it a shot!

Here's why it's a good idea.

It's safe

Online banking has become the preferred way to bank for many people and organizations. To ensure customers' details and accounts are safe, banks make sure that their banking apps and websites are secured with technology like SSL encryption and access is password protected. Your responsibility is to ensure that your online banking or app password is strong. It should be complex, consisting of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. It's also your responsibility to ensure your password is kept hidden and safe.

It's convenient and flexible

Online banking gives you the ability to manage a lot of admin yourself, saving you from time-consuming trips to the branch. Banking apps allow you to do things like send money to friends or family, or check your statements, in the comfort of your home, on your way to work, or when you get five minutes free between meetings. The African Bank App is also flexible — you can switch seamlessly from the App to your online profile and back to the App without interrupting a transaction.

It's easy

The African Bank App was designed to make life easier. You can download it from all major app stores and it is compatible with all modern devices and operating systems. Navigating your App is easy. You can manage your accounts, pay your Credit Card bill, send money to loved ones, get a tax certificate and so much more, using your African Bank App. When banking is this easy, it means more time for you to concentrate on other important things, like spending time with your family or working on yourself.

Give it a try

Yes, online banking can seem a little intimidating at first, particularly if you're not online frequently. But, what's great about online banking is that you don't have to be an internet whizz to get started. It was designed to make things easier, not harder. And at African Bank, due to its omni-channel nature, you can always switch to traditional methods of banking with ease when the need arises.


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