It’s been over 1 year since the launch of our transactional banking offering called MyWORLD. With so many wins and lessons since the launch, what better way to celebrate than with you – sharing and highlighting the benefits and features that make this day-to-day bank account exceptional, even during the Lockdown. 

Our research into what South Africans want from their bank revealed that people would like to transact and save not only as individuals, but together with their family, friends and community. MyWORLD answered that need, giving South Africans the unique ability to bank together through shared banking. The MyWORLD account allows you the freedom to structure your banking to match your individual circumstances. 

As a truly all-in-one banking solution, it pays to bank with MyWORLD, even during the Lockdown.

You can open an account in less than three minutes with minimal documentation, online or through the African Bank App. Once you’ve done that, you can look forward to:

  • Up to six accounts to share with family and friends, with no monthly account fees.
  • South Africa’s lowest banking fees.
  • South Africa’s best savings rate on any positive balance.
  • Your in-branch instant issue debit card for your primary account
  • Online banking, which is free-to-use with zero data costs. Your online banking profile will be linked to internet banking, our App and cellphone banking.
  • Switching your salary and debit orders effortlessly to your new MyWORLD account.
  • Free inter-account transfers, electronic deposits and payments
  • You can withdraw at any ATM – the one closest to you or the one with the shortest queue – for the same FLAT fee anywhere. 

Now for the cherry on top: MyWORLD allows you to open up to five Savings or Power Pockets that are automatically linked to your Primary Account. This gives you the flexibility to assign individual Pockets to various financial goals such as a vacation with your closest friends, or your child’s education.

The Power and Savings Pockets also:

  • Have their own unique account number
  • Are made to share with friends and family
  • Have no monthly account fees 

If, for example, you are trying to budget better during the Lockdown, you can now easily open Pocket accounts in which you can separate money for items on your budget list. And if you have family members in other provinces who are relying on you for financial support in this difficult time, you can use your Pocket accounts to instantly send money home. These things make life easier and more affordable. 

A MyWORLD bank account can turn you into a financial superhero. As you bring your friends and family into your banking world, you will them from expensive charges and demoralising paperwork, while giving them added buying and saving power through group financial goals and SA’s best interest rates. Learn more about MyWORLD and open your account today by clicking here.

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