Life lessons we learned from our mothers

Our mothers, and the women who love us as if we are their own, are some of the wisest people we know. Their wisdom comes from years of experience, learned through trial and error. It has been passed down through the generations, from our grandmothers to our mothers and aunts, and on to our sisters and us. How lucky we are! This wisdom has the power to guide us through almost every challenge life throws our way.

To celebrate Mother's Day, let's look at some of these priceless pieces of advice. I'm sure every mother has her own unique way of sharing her knowledge, but what is true for every mother is that it comes from a love so deep, it is almost impossible to comprehend.

If you don't try, you can't succeed

Some things are hard. We've all been in situations where we've doubted ourselves. Will I get that job? Can I afford that house? Will I get rejected if I try out for the team? We've all asked ourselves similar questions at one point or another. But, as the saying goes, you'll never know if you don't try. One of the things we've learned from our mothers is that it's always worth it to try, and failing is a chance to try again.

Sometimes, the things that we give up on can help us achieve our goals and dreams. For example, have you been saving up for something important, but it never seems to be enough, no matter how well you budget? It might be time to reprioritise your needs and wants. In other words, small changes can take you closer to your goal and teach you important lessons along the way.

Life is tough, but you’re tougher

If there's one thing that our moms tried to prepare us for on our journey through life, it's that life is tough. And something else we learn from their example, is that we are tough too! In other words, it’s important to be able to keep your head up and not give up on something after one failed attempt. Even better, we must remember that mistakes teach us lessons that we can use to do better next time.

Save for the things you want

Something else that we've learned from our mothers (and it's probably something we learned the hard way) is that we have to save up to buy the things we want. Saving is not always easy. Holding out on luxury items is difficult, especially when you want to spoil yourself with something new, but living below your means is an easy way to save money. In the meantime, practice making the most out of a little. Our mothers, gogos, aunts and sisters did it, and so can we.

Set an example for your children

We picked up a number of valuable money lessons from our moms. While these lessons weren't always formally taught to us, we saw how our mothers were able to make that last Rand stretch. We owe it to the generations that follow to show them how to make the most of their money. Teaching our children how to budget and save is so much easier if it's something we do every day. They will learn just by watching us, just as we watched our moms make the most of the little they had.

It's our turn… to pass on the lessons we learned from our mothers, to pass down the wisdom that will see our children through the most difficult stages of their lives.

That's what our mothers would want us to do. They are the life-givers, the nurturers, the teachers and the leaders of every new generation. It has been this way since the very first mothers walked this planet. This is their awe-inspiring legacy.

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