How a mobile app makes banking easier

Lockdown has changed the way we consume products and services. We have had to find new ways to complete our daily tasks, from buying food to banking, without leaving the house.  

Retailers responded to this challenge by offering their services via online and app capabilities. This was no different for banking. Many of us are accustomed to visiting our nearest branch when it comes to banking, knowing that we can perform these same functions at our convenience using our laptops or cellphones. If you haven't already started using online banking or a banking app, then perhaps now is your opportunity to try it out!

One of the many benefits of doing all your banking on an app is that it's convenient and safe. You're not restricted to an ATM or branch if you want to make a deposit, get a bank statement, or apply for a loan.

Benefits of banking on an app

  • It's free
    Most banking apps, including the African Bank App, are free-to-use and require very little data to download. They offer unlimited access to your bank account, without eating up your precious data.
  • It's secure
    Apps are equipped with the latest software, ensuring they cannot be accessed by hackers or other unauthorized users. In addition, your phone and your app are PIN-protected. Just make sure you set up a strong password.

  • You can do a lot
    Banking apps allow you to make payments easily, check your statements, increase your card limits, update your personal information and so much more.

  • It's available 24/7
    Access to your bank account is in the palm of your hands… literally! You can manage your bank account when it suits you, regardless of the time or day. You are now in complete control of when you want to action banking tasks.

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