Managing your money can be challenging if you're not in control of your bank account. Managing your account on your banking app gives you complete control and simplifies the process of paying your accounts, sending money to family, and saving.

Let's find out how.

  1. Pay your bills online

    Being able to pay your accounts online, or on your app, is probably the best perk of online banking. Why? Well, firstly, you can pay each account at once on the same device. Secondly, it's really easy. With a few taps, you can transfer money to each recipient in a matter of minutes. It's safe too because you’ll be notified of each payment via SMS or app notification.
  1. View your transactions

    Online banking allows you to access your account history and transactions from anywhere. You can see when you spent money, how much you spent, and when. Not only does this help you keep track, but it alerts you to unusual activity on your account.
  1. Transfer money between accounts

    Online banking also allows you to transfer money between accounts. Sending money to your parents, grandparents, or children, is easy and safe. It's best to do so using your MyWORLD account because you add each family member as a Pocket User on your main account and easily transfer money to them on your African Bank App.
  1. Bank on the go

    One of the best reasons to bank online is the fact that you can bank wherever you are, be it at work, at campus, or even at the grocery store. As long as you're being safe — banking over a safe connection and not using your phone while you're driving — you're good to go!
  1. Budgeting better

    Having a full view of your bank account helps you budget better because you know what's available to spend and how much you need to save. It's especially useful because you can instantly transfer money between your savings and day-to-day accounts. This makes sticking to your budget much easier. It's also easier to track your spending using your app.

Don't let technology scare you. Using your African Bank App to budget and save is easy. Get started by downloading the App from all major app stores.

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