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Now, it’s time to get things growing.

We're Helping SA #GrowForIt!

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With our help, South Africans decided to #GrowForIt and have each planted their savings seed. Now, it’s time to get things growing.

Episode 1

When my mother passed away, I moved in with my aunt, and I started to bake as a way to remember her.

Episode 2

Papirazzi has been saving to give his father a tombstone unveiling to create a lasting memorial to him.

Episode 3

Vicky cares for her community more than most people. To keep kids off the streets and help them deal with their issues.

Episode 4

Other stories

Whether you’re saving for you, your community, or those in need, #GrowForIt!

@Mokgethoa Shogole Mmbengwa “My friend and I made a commitment that we contribute money on a monthly basis, then save it for a year and then buy some food and sometimes clothes at the beginning of every month, then donate to charities. We have lots of struggling charities and winning this can change the lives of many people. Fingers and toes crossed so tightly for this one.#GrowForIt #AfricanBank”

More inspiration, more African Stories… We say #GrowForIt Vicky!

@Vicky Denise Chili “I'm saving for a projector and speaker so that we can have a mini cinema in my hood. I'd really love our kids to watch more African stories #GrowForIt ”

#GrowForIt Mbalentle! We believe you can and you will with African Bank.

@Mbalentle Mbalz Mjoli “I'm saving up to fix my cellphone as I do not have enough money to do it anytime soon #GrowForIt @African Bank”

Chantel knows you’re never too old to go after your dreams! #GrowForIt Chantel!

@Chantel Natalie August “I would love to further my studies and culinary skills by enrolling in cooking school to master my passion and love for cooking and baking .. and build some capital with something I truly love doing. I'm saving to complete what I have set out to do and believe in myself and I know I'm never too old to go after my dreams #GrowForIt @AfricanBank”

I'm saving to open my own dance studio for the 50 underprivileged kids whom I’ve taught for 5 years now #growforit

#GrowForIt like @Hudaa Khan, who is helping underprivileged children through dance!

#AfricanBank saving for my unborn baby girl

@Dorcas Mulivhuweni Tshikovhi is saving for the future: her beautiful baby girl! #GrowForIt Dorcas

I am saving towards building my folks a place called home… Thanks African Bank for giving us this awesome chance to enter #GrowForIt

Family is everything, and @Thelma Mercedes is saving to help hers! #GrowForIt Thelma!