African Bank leagal documents

Legal & Compliance


  • Code of Banking Practice
  • National Credit Amendment Act
  • National Credit Act, No 34 of 2005
  • PAIA Manual August 2018
  • Conflict of interest policy with Guard risk Annexes 1,2,3
  • New Affordability Regulations
  • Removal of adverse consumer credit information
  • FIC Act, No 31 of 2001
  • FIC Regulations
  • Conflict of interest policy with Guardrisk
  • Conflict of interest policy with Stangen

The insurer of your credit life policy, sold to you by African Bank, is The Standard General Insurance Company Limited. This will change to Guardrisk Life Limited. Your benefits will remain secure and unchanged. Please see the documents below for further information.

  • FSB Notification and Annexures
  • Transfer Agreement
  • Addendum to Transfer Agreement
  • Stangen resolution Board of Directors
  • Guardrisk resolution Board of Directors
  • Stangen Annual Financial Statements 2016
  • Guardrisk Annual Financial Statements 2016
  • Stangen Statutory Actuary Report
  • Guardrisk Statutory Actuary Report
  • Communication Notice Annexure 2 Formal notice (Eng)
  • Communication Notice Annexure 3 Formal notice (Afrikaans)
  • Communication Notice Annexure 4 (FAQ)



  • African Bank Conflict of Interest Policy detailing Guardrisk Life Limited
  • Conflict of Interest Management Policy in terms of The FAIS General Code of Conduct


  • Income and expense declaration - English
  • Income and expense declaration - Sesotho