Credit Life Insurance

Credit Life Insurance means that your debt is taken care of should anything happen to you. Make sure your debt is covered.

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Not covered

Self-employed and pensioners are covered only for death and disability on Loan and Credit Card debt. Any Credit Card transactions made after the date of an insurable event, are not covered.

Retrenchment, short time and compulsory unpaid leave are not covered for the first 90 days after your Policy has been opened, or in cases where:

  • You were aware of your retrenchment before you opened the Policy
  • You take voluntary retrenchment
  • You resign or retire
  • You are involved in strikes or lock-outs
  • You voluntarily forfeit your salary
  • You are dismissed because of misconduct, dishonesty or fraud

We don’t cover death or disability resulting from:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions that you knew about 12 months before you opened your Policy
  • Willful, self-inflicted injury or suicide
  • Use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons
  • Participation in crime
  • Hazardous activities like warlike operations, rebellion or revolution

Terms and Conditions

Credit Life insurance is underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited.

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