Tax Free Investment

With a Tax-Free Investment account, you can save money and never have to worry about your returns being taxed. Our Tax-Free Investment product promises market-leading returns with a great interest rate which is of course, non-taxable!

Features of a Tax-Free Investment Account:

Minimum Opening Amount
Minimum Opening Amount

A minimum opening deposit of R500.00 is required to kick start your Tax-Free savings journey. You can build on your initial deposit by making as many additional contributions as you like.

Maximum Investment
Maximum Investment

The maximum investment is
R33 000.00 per annum and a lifetime maximum of
R500 000.00


With African Bank’s Tax-Free Investment account, we don’t determine the term, you do! You can continue building your tax-free savings for as long as you like.

Variable interest
Variable interest

Your interest rate will only change in line with positive market conditions. We guarantee that your interest rate will never fall below your starting point and that you will benefit from any rate increase. On the 12-month anniversary of your account, the current interest rate will apply.

Number of Tax Free Investment Accounts
Number of Tax Free Investment Accounts

Only one tax-free investment account per year can be opened.


You have the option to access your funds (partially or in full) on the 12-month anniversary month i.e. the month you opened your account.

It is recommended that you consult the services of a licensed financial planner or tax consultant in order to understand the tax implications on your investment.

How to apply

With a minimum of R500.00 opening an account is easy. We’ll help you along the way with any of your enquiries. To kick-start your savings journey simply enter your details below:

Identity document

Proof of residence

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Tax Free Investment Calculator

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* Actual payout could differ due to the number of days in a month and interest rates at the start day of the investment

** Illustration purposes only. Tax savings calculators are based on a 36% p.a. tax rat


Tax Free Investment interest rates are quoted on a per annum basis.

Rates quoted are valid for today only, given that funds are received today, and may change over time.
Interest rates on expiry are quoted for illustration purposes, based on a 12-month period.
* - R2000 minimum for monthly interest pay-out option
** - R1000 minimum for monthly interest pay-out option

Terms and conditions apply.
Disclaimer: African Bank cannot advise you of the tax implications of investing. It is recommended that you contact your financial advisor or your tax consultant.



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